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Membership & Fees

Squirrels for 4-6 year olds, Beavers for 6-8 year olds, Cubs for 8-10.5 year olds, Scouts for 10.5-14 year olds, and Explorers for 14-18 year olds.
There is an annual fee of RM375 per member every September For those joining in later terms the fees are: Jan RM375, Apr RM125 but renewal in Sept of RM375,

There is a one-off uniform payment for new members depending on the section which will be advised in the offer email.

Activities are charged on an attendance basis and will vary according to the activity, the venue and if transport is provided, etc

Fees are due before week 3 of the Scouting term.
We offer places at the start of every term according to availability. Places are offered to current members first, members transferring from other UK Scout Groups, siblings, children of leaders/section assistants, then we offer from the waiting list according to date of application. It may, therefore take some time before your child is offered a place, but one will be offered as soon as they are eligible, and we have space available.
There are some volunteer positions (section assistant, assistant leader and section leader that means your child will be given priority for a space, once current members have been allocated.
The annual fees cover the cost of membership of UK Scouts, our management system, and the badges purchased throughout the year. Activity fees cover the cost of resources, food, venue costs, transport, etc as relevant to each activity,
No, once your child has a place in the relevant section, they will have a place in Scouts for as long as they require, so no need to keep re-registering. Scouts runs through all 3 terms of the school year.


We meet monthly on Sundays at venues in and around Kuala Lumpur. Exception is the Squirrels section that meets weekly on Monday evenings in Duta Nusantara compound.
We try to vary locations as much as we can to accommodate our membership who are located all over KL. As an example, previous locations have been: i-Skoven @ Sendat ISP School Dickson Dragons in Port Dickson Radiant Retreat in Janda Baik X3Si in Puchong
In addition to the monthly meetings, we try to have at least 1 overnight camp per term; usually for 2 nights if we can.
Scouting is run entirely by volunteers who are mostly parents of Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs or Scouts. They are all enthusiastic, and passionate about Scouting as an organisation that provides life skills for children of all ages. We do need help from parents to keep Scouting running smoothly, especially when we are off-site or on camps, and really appreciate the parents that step forward at these times to offer their time.
Please inform the Section Leader via a PRIVATE message (do not use the WhatsApp chat group). If your child misses 3 consecutive meetings without consultation or notice to the Section Leader, then their place will be forfeit to the next person on the waiting list.

A place will also be forfeit if attendance is less than 30% in a year, unless there has been discussion with the section leadership team to agree reduced attendance.

2nd Kuala Lumpur have not adopted their own formal constitution and so use the outline constitution provided by the Scout Association.

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