Think you might be interested in taking on a leadership role in Scouting, but not sure if it's for you?

You might want to take on the 4-week challenge...

Week 1: come along and see what we do, maybe take on a small role in the meeting, meet the Leaders and the young people

Week 2: help out – run an activity, or a game during the session

Week 3: get a little more involved by taking on a bit more responsibility

Week 4: decide if Scouting is for you by having a chat with the Section Leader and Group Scout Leader to see how you’ve found the challenge, and how you want to proceed.

You will be supported throughout the whole 4-week challenge by the section team, and the Group Scout Leader, with meetings before, and after, to ensure you have all you need and feel part of the team.  All our activities are virtual at the moment, but we look forward to resuming activities face-to-face as soon as SOPs allow.
– you do not have to volunteer for the section that you completed the challenge with; it’s perfectly ok to say that you’d rather work in a different section.
– you also do not have to volunteer in the section that your child is in, in fact, it is often better not to!